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    Gene Therapy

    VecX Biomedicines is an AI-driven biotech company — existing at the intersection of computational protein design, bioengineering, synthetic biology, and medicine — pioneering gene therapy to create breakthrough medicines.
    A fundamental
    shift for the future
    of medicine.

    Synthetic Biology

    Combined with computational protein design and vector bioengineering, we are positioned to generate best-in-class gene delivery vector that unleash the true potentials of genetic medicines.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Using AI empowered protein evolution platform, we are inventing innovative approaches to design more safe and effective adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy vectors.

    Gene Therapy

    Our cutting-edged platform can generate improved AAV vectors on demand across multiple therapeutic modalities with unprecedented speed and efficiency, representing a fundamental shift in discovery of medicines.


    AAV vector is the most promising vector for gene therapy delivery for its excellent safety and efficacy profiles. We aim to unleash new therapeutic opportunities through developing novel AAV gene therapy vectors for thousands of diseases with unmet medical needs.


    Vecx Biomedicines has a team of interdisciplinary experts who understand how to successfully push the boundaries of science, medicine, and business.