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    Molecular Research Scientist - In Vitro Analysis

    ​​​​​​We are seeking a self-motivated, curious and enthusiastic molecular biologist to join our High-throughput Screening Team to help us solve these and other interesting challenges in AAV engineering. You will work in a small-team setting to advance our discovery pipeline by measuring AAV capsid properties using existing methods and helping to develop new methods. In this role you will work closely with experienced scientists, with opportunities for mentorship, professional development, and cross-team collaboration.  


    • Responsibilities: 

    Maintain cultured mammalian cell lines following good aseptic technique

    Perform transduction assays to evaluate virus infectivity

    Extract, purify, and quantify nucleic acid from mammalian cells  

    Prepare samples for next-generation sequencing

    Assist in lab organization, including ordering supplies and restocking 

    Collect, analyze and present assay results 

    Follow established lab protocols and contribute to new experimental method development

    Successfully collaborate with colleagues across teams

    Identify experimental problems and actively engage in troubleshooting


    • Basic qualifications:

    PhD in biology, immunology, molecular biology, or related fields

    2+ years hands-on wet lab experience

    Experience in culturing mammalian cells and aseptic technique

    Experience in DNA/RNA purification and analysis protocols (qPCR, RT-qPCR, etc.)

    Molecular biology proficiency: PCR, gel electrophoresis and imaging, gel excision and purification 

    Ability to follow advanced protocols and procedures

    Ability to document and maintain an organized account of lab work and results

    Skilled in Excel/Prism, Word, PowerPoint, and other relevant software


    • Preferred qualifications:

    3+ years of experience in biotech industry

    Experienced in virus titration and infectivity assays (preferably AAV) e.g., potency assay, infectious center assay, Luciferase or GFP reporter assays 

    Familiarity with antibody and immunological assays e.g., neutralization, ELISA, Luminex

    Experience working with high-throughput assays, e.g., automated sample processing, multi-channel pipetting, molecular barcoding

    Hands on molecular cloning experience

    Experience in primary culture of mammalian cells or organoids

    Cellular analysis: microscopy, staining, FACS, cell-sorting 

    Experience in recombinant AAV production and purification 

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